To educate and give opportunity to all in making a difference.

Traditional Gypsy, Roma and Traveller work practices and culture have been under pressure over the past twenty years, and seen significant change, and having a negative impact on the education, skills and employment opportunities for GRT. in recent years significant opportunities for improving skills and employment prospects have arisen, influenced by a tradition of self employment and entrepreneurship amongst GRT, greater educational participation, more GRT women entering work and the development of third sector agencies working with communities. GATE Herts aim to promote the social inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Travellers in education, health and social care and to highlight the need for greater advocacy and training for GRT parents to support them to more effectively engage and develop relationships with schools.   An EHRC 2009 review of inequalities experienced by Gypsies and Travellers found that ‘employment rates are low, and poverty high.’ The review also noted that ‘without decent accommodation, and the ability to live in a manner which supports communities through the upheavals caused by transitions brought about by globalisation, changing employment markets, financial insecurities and altering gender roles, Gypsies and Travellers risk being pushed further and further into poverty, social exclusion and ‘cultural shock’.

Accessing training or employment can be made difficult by Discriminatory attitudes or policies. Through mentoring, courses and internships we can develop individual potential.

For more information about training contact: info@gateherts.org.uk